Find out why Gensteel Doors are TOUGH TO THE CORE ™

GenGuard™ II Series - Tough to the core™

  • GenGuard™ II Plus 14

  • GenGuard™ II 16

  • GenGuard™ II 18

  • GenGuard™ II 20

The GenGuard II Series is steel stiffened door with interlocking stiffeners that are spot welded to each door skin. The specially designed interlocking steel stiffener increases door rigidity and eliminates the rattling noise effect commonly associated with spot welded steel stiffened doors. Steel stiffeners are securely spot welded to door skins at 6″ o.c. All voids between stiffeners are filled with fiberglass or rockwool insulation. Standard doors are 1 ¾ in. (45 mm) thick and are available in 14, 16, 18, and 20 gauge galvannealed steel. The GenGuard II Series is also available in G90 galvanized steel.

General Specifications

  • Door faces are flush and free of any joints, welds or seams.
  • Steel stiffeners are bonded to face sheets.
  • Longitudinal door edges are interlocked with mechanical seam and reinforced with epoxy adhesive (seamless edge optional).
  • Door edges are beveled 1/8” (3 mm) in 2” (50 mm).
  • Door hinge reinforcements are prepared for standard weight
    4 1/2″ x 4 1/2” (114 mm x 114 mm) hinges which can easily be converted to accommodate heavy weight hinges.

Download GenGuard II™ Series Product Sheet

Gensteel doors come with an unrivalled 10-year warranty against delamination. Our warranty also covers rust perforation (10 years) and material and/or workmanship defects (2 years).